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Alsondos for International Trade

Is one of the most diversified companies in the field of supplying accessories for low voltage distribution panel, beside other secondary activities.we also has very reputable & remarkable position in Egypt electrical supplies market help us to has great co-operation with our below partners ;


Mesan was acquired by Essentra in 2014 and forms part of the Components,division.Essentra focuses on the manufacture and

distribution of high-volume, essential components, which serve

customers in a wide variety of end markets and geographies.Within

the components offer, we have over 80,000 products with manufacturing locations worldwide Our Company have been serving the industries

like Electric, Electronic, Telecommunications, Machinery, Railway,

and furniture for more than 37 years.We are developing, high performance, ergonomic, innovative, customer-oriented products which is sensitive to environment and human health while complying with the international regulations.

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In May 2019, nVet Hoffmann was acquired Eldon, which specializes in a wall mounting panels & stand floor enclosure use in a petroleum, electricity and communications field according to international quality specifications.

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Transovak Electric Appliances Industry and Trade Inc. was established in 1978, It is one of the leading companies in product groups such as low voltage current transformer, shunt reactor, harmonic filter, control, and isolation transformer in compensation system and with its R&D department. we give more importance to quality day by day. For more details click on the logo.
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VASEL company which had been established in1980,we providing special parts development, production and improvement solutions for mobile power product range includes a festooning for C-Rail, I-Beam and Wire Rope systems for cranes including light, medium and heavy duty applications. For more details click on the logo

We an authorized distributor of ABB products

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City is the trademark of Alsondos International Trading Company

to used in electrical distribution and control panels such as LEDs

lamp, push buttons, selector, switches, sound and light warning

signals devices, terminals, various punctuation marks, measuring

devices such as voltmeters, ammeters, active and reactive power

meters, frequency meters, timers, busbar isolation, heat shrink

tubes of different colors and diameters, fan filters to renew

the air inside electrical panels through humidity and temperature


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In 1983 we started manufacturing plastic wire ducts, and from day one we were prioritizing unconditional customer satisfaction while constantly paying attention to manufacturing technology.

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We an authorized distributor of Schneider products .

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woer company provided heat shrink for electrical and mechanical insulation solutions for the Automotive, Electrical Utility, Electronics and Communications markets.  For more details click on the logo
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