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About Us

Alsondos for International Trade

Is one of the most diversified companies in the field of supplying Accessories for Low Voltage Distribution Panelboards, CNC machine & overhead crane systems

That is why we have a good market share in many manufacturing processes related to the following industries:-Panel Builder, monorail, subway, new capital city, million apartments project, Power stations & Air Conditioning production-line.... etc.

This is achieved through being a Sole Agent in Egypt to many specialized & worldwide esteemed suppliers and Authorized Distributor.

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Alsondos for International Trade has a very reputable & remarkable position in Egypt Electrical Supplies Market. That encourages us always to be eager to keep that existence positively.

Our Mission.

Honesty, quality, and service should be what is offered to the customers.

Our Vision.

Al-Sondos International Trade; to be one of the leading companies in providing its service to our business partners, whether suppliers or customers through digital development

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