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H:100 W:80 D:20

Material: Body: 1.2 mm zinc plated steel / 1.5 mm MASE0606021R5 and above. Door: 1.2 mm zinc plated steel / 1.5 mm MASE0606021R5 and above / 2 mm MASE1006030R5 and above. Mounting plate: 2 mm galvanized steel. Body: Folded and seam welded. Four 8.5 mm diameter holes for wall fixing, pressed out in 20.4 mm diameter × 2 mm depressions, to allow air circulation around the rear part of the enclosure. Door: Surface mounted with 130° opening. Concealed removable hinges with captive pin. Hinges are mounted for right hand opening only. From size MASE0505021R5 and above there are two removable mounting profiles on the door. Sealing is ensured by a conductive EMC gasket. Lock: Chrome plated double-bit lock, with 3 mm insert and 90° movement. 1000 mm high enclosures and above have espagnolette three point locking system. Mounting plate: The mounting plate is marked vertically at 10 mm intervals, for easy horizontal positioning of equipment. On the top and bottom are holes to facilitate cable fixing. Fixed on to M8 press welded studs to the rear of the enclosure. All sides from 800 mm and above are strengthened by folded edges. By using the AMG accessory, the mounting plate can be adjusted to any depth. Gland Plate Opening: No gland plate opening, to ensure maximum EMI protection. Earthing: The door is earthed by means of a separate earthing stud M8. Finish: RAL 7035 structured powder coating on the outside only. Protection: IP 54 | TYPE 12 | IK 10. Delivery: Zinc plated enclosure body and door, painted on the outside. Door equipped with EMI conductive gasket. Two door mounting profiles, from size MASE0505021R5 and above. Earthing facilities.

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